Get Well Soon by Julie Helpern

January 15, 2010
When was the last time you read a book where a girl trying to find mental health found a love interest? Get Well Soon, by Julie Halpern, tells the story of a teenage girl, Anna, who has panic attacks so her parents place her in Lakeland Hospital. This realistic fiction is written as Anna writing to her best friend back home. Anna encounters things she has not experienced before through the other teens such as teenage pregnancy, Satanist worship, and demonic possessions while falling for a boy she can never touch. Anna must work her way up the levels of heath from PSI1( possible self injury one) to go home to her parents and younger sister. Music is one thing she loves but cannot have. Finding a way to hear her music becomes an obsession. To hear it, she must get in trouble. Getting in trouble is only one of the new things she must do.

Julie Halpern wrote as a teenage girl, well. She showed the confusion of teenage attraction in a way a teenager could relate to. The characters' personalities had me wanting more. All the teens had true to life reactions to adults telling them what is wrong with them and what they must do to fix themselves. Anna's thought process sounded like a true girl of her age. I give this book a 9 of 10 for Halpern's teenage voice and realistic character reactions. Anna's story touched my heart and will stay with me forever. The mature language and mental issues have me recommending this book to young adults between the ages of 13-17.

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