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   Ender's Game has to be oneof the best science-fiction novels I have ever read. If you enjoy science fictionfull of twists and turns, you will enjoy this book.

Andrew Wiggin, orEnder, as most of the characters call him, is the third child in his family. Hisolder brother Peter treats him horribly, but his sister Val-entine loves him verymuch.

One day at breakfast an officer from the International Fleet comesto take Ender to Battle-school, where he will learn war games.

You areprobably wondering what makes this boy so special. Well, Ender is a genius, tosay the least. He is very compassionate, but at times is very malicious andviolent.

A species the humans call the buggers has attacked Earthtwice. The military has been secretly monitoring Ender since he was born, anddecides he will be the one to finally beat the buggers. The book covers Ender'straining at Battle-school and his life there. He is transferred to Command Schoolto complete his training for leading the fleet.

The book is veryinteresting and never loses its edge. The ending surprised me, but I won't tell,so read the book!

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i love this !


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