The Berenstain Bears and the Ghost of the forest

December 14, 2009
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The Berenstain Bears and

the Ghost of the Forest

Are you scared of the dark? If so, the Berenstain Bears and the Ghost of the Forest will go to the Ghost of the Forest and will they get scared?
The book is about Brother Bear, Sister Bear, and Cousin Bear going to camp at the Ghost of the Forest and they went without their parents. But, they went with Leader Jane. They got to a nice spot and went to sleep. “They heard it just as they started to doze. It frightened those scouts from their heads to their toes.” When they ran to Jane’s she wasn’t there! Sister Bear said, “W-What shall we do?” “Then Pa Bear got closer and then the spookier spook came into sight. Then it was Jane spook number two. Then number three was some pot-a- dots blue dress and then Sister Bear wonder if it was Mama’s dress. They wore having fun.
I like when Sister Bear, brother Bear and Cousin Bear went ALONE and went with Leader Jane because, I don’t like when parents comes with us anywhere. I like when Pa Bear scares them and then Jane comes out and scare Pa Bear and not the kids got scare because, I like when a person scares other people else. For example: I like to scare my little brother. I also like when Mama Bear comes out and SCARES EVERYONE with a pumpkin head and two tree bricks as hands because everyone gets scared Sister Bear finds out it’s was Mama’s dress with putting flashlight on dress and said, “That’s looks like mama’s pot-a-dots dress!” Then Mama Bear took off the pumpkin head and the bricks off and everyone started to laugh. I don’t like when papa bear talks to himself out loud like a ghost and Jane hears him talk while she is picking up bricks for the fire. Then Jane created a scary face. Then that night Jane took out the mask and and flash out the light to the mask and scares Papa Bear. So then mama bear out came and scared everyone.
I recommend this book to 1st-3rd grade because it easy and it about Halloween and from age 6-9 like Halloween and they like to scares there family.
I give this five out of five stars. *****out of *****.

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