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December 17, 2009
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I have read lots and lots of books but one that made a big impression on me was called The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver. I loved this book and how much feeling and truth was in it. This was one book that is not like the rest it wasn’t all about perfect love to the point where you find yourself jealous of the character. It was a story about a girl’s situation that could have happened to anybody. This book showed what real hard change is like. It combines the challenges of having a kid you didn’t ask for, single parenting, friendship, moving, money and even growing up.
This book is about a girl who has a mom but no dad and goes to a high school like any other with two goals to get out of high school without getting pregnant and to get away. She completes both, says good bye to her mom and drives all the way to Alabama in an old run-down car. On her way there she runs into a restaurant to get something to eat and comes out with a kid sitting in the car, all the person who leaves her says is “please take care of her she has no place else to go”.
What I loved about this book is that the girl doesn’t get rid of the child or go off and try to find a husband. She simply survives on her own with her friend Lou Ann in their house. Together they go through many experiences and help each other get through being girls just out of high school. I think this book definitely shows courage and strength among woman that everyone should try and have. I liked that the book helped you relate to it by having lots of hard experiences most people have to go through eventually like saying goodbye to friends. I really loved this book and it will help you experience emotions you didn’t even know you could have less then minutes apart from each other. I would definitely recommend this book to people of any age.

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