The Night I Freed John Brown Summary

September 4, 2009
By cupidstar BRONZE, New Martinsville, West Virginia
cupidstar BRONZE, New Martinsville, West Virginia
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The book The Night I Freed John Brown is a story of a teenage boy who solves the mystery of the small town of Harpers Ferry. But that is not his only worry. He must also worry about his family problems. Then another teenage boy steps into his life. This boy would be Luke his new neighbor. While out playing one day he tells his friend of the two tales of Harpers Ferry- the missing church bell and the murderous John Brown. Soon after that the Richmonds welcome Josh into their home as if he were one of them. Later on his father learns that Mr. Richmond is helping him be a part of the John Brown play. But when his father finds out he is furious. He forbids Josh to be in the play, but Josh has a different idea. So he goes anyway. When he gets home… lets just say it is not good. Then he and his friend get into a fight. In the end Luke ends up getting injured. In panic, Josh and his brothers flee to there ancient Grandma’s house. Later while at the house their dad finds them. But they might not be the ones he is looking for.

The book The Night I Freed John Brown was a wonderful story full of history and mystery. In order for Cummings to relay his message of the father's anger and bitterness, there is some language which may be inappropriate for younger readers. But once you start reading it keeps you reading from beginning to end.

The author's comments:
The book summary I have completed tells the story of Josh and his brothers going on s wild ride.

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