A Simple Plan by Scott Smith

January 5, 2010
By Anonymous

A Simple Plan Book Review

The novel I read is called A Simple Plan, written by Scott Smith. He spent 5 years writing this book. Also he received an academy award for his screen play of the movie A Simple Plan. This book is very detailed and full of suspense with the changing of events as the story is told. Its not a hard book to understand and has a great plot.
In the novel, Hank Mitchell, his older brother Jacob and Jacob's friend Lou are riding together in Jacob's truck when a fox runs across the road in front of them. The truck ends up in a snow bank and Jacob's dog runs after the fox. The three men go after the dog and after hiking about a half hour, find an airplane that has crashed in the woods. Hank goes inside to check on the pilot, when he finds the pilot dead and a duffle bag filled with money. After some discussion, they agree that Hank will hold the money for six months and at the end of that time, if no one comes searching for it, they'll divide the money and each go their separate ways, richer than they'd ever imagined. Soon after what seemed as a simple plan, turned into a run in with the law and went down hill from there.
The way I felt about the book after I read it, makes me think of what I’d do in the same situation if I found the crashed plane, and I found the bag full of money. I would have done the same probably and not said nothing about the plane or dead pilot and just kept the money and been set for life. I would recommend this book to read it was a great story and full of suspense. I would read another book by this author just because of how good this book was.

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