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January 5, 2010
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I read a novel called Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks. While reading, I learned that Sparks plugs in his own life experiences into character and situations in his novel. There are two types of genres this book could be. The first type could be a war novel, for the main character is enlisted in the army. The second type of genre, which I think would be considered the main type, is romance, because the main character falls in love.
Dear John is about a boy named John who falls in love while he is on leave to a girl named Savannah. We see the both of them bonding quickly. When John has to go back we see the pain and the struggle the two face being apart for long periods of times. John eventually receives a letter from Savannah which changes his world. The true meaning of live is expressed when after a few years, he makes a surprise visit.

I think Dear John gave great lessons. One lesson learned was on why it’s important to make good decisions in your life so you won’t have to live with a lot of regret. It’s also important to think about what your decisions could mean for you. The novel also showed me what love can really mean, a romantic love, or a love to a family, or a friend. The book reminded that not everything you have planned will work out. Love is not only about you but another’s happiness. I would recommend anyone to read Dear John. I would love to read more from Nicholas Sparks.

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