The choice by Nicholas Sparks

January 4, 2010
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“Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.” This is the quote that gave me impressive. Because as it said, the choice is optional, but you can change it and make it growth. And you deserve it to choose wisely.

While me reading “The Choice”, I wonder about my future. What I am going to do after 20 years? Will I proud of myself after all? So now, I asked myself, “what is my own decision?” But my mind couldn’t decide yet. I accelerated about it because the year past faster and faster. I considering as I finish the collage, I will concern about designer and regard to it. For now, I accentuated for designer and I am in search of related works for my dream. Also, to got this goal, “The Choice” aided in excess. Because, the way this story goes, the more I was convinced of my alternative.

The book shapes into proper person with full knowledge. I couldn’t figure out how it turned me into good character. But now I know what it meant. The way I get close to the book, more theory I bring into myself. Because of its seduction, I became a booklover.

“The choice” is a lot different than others. I had read a bunch of kinds of stories that presented me a good personality. But this time, the message inspired my feeling, and it was mightier than any other books. For me, I was having a hard time to clear my thoughts in my life. “The choice” adapted to my environment to lead me along the time. Also, the author, who’s Nicholas Sparks, knows how to touch folks’ impression by his effect. Because, whoever it may be, Nicholas Sparks could extricate oneself from gloomy. The thing is that he opened the door for me to walk forward into the brightness.

Travis Parker and Gabby Holland met in a destiny conversation. They neither planned to talk in angry mood and nor make a confused situation. They got into it, because that Gabby’s dog had problem and she thought that Travis’s dog made it. So, for calm Gabby, Travis asked for forgiveness through the traveling. While they both getting each other, their mind developed to the friend as neighbor. After few years, Travis and Gabby got married and got two children. However, the infelicity came around to them: the car accident. It happened because Travis made wrong turn while he was talking to Gabby. Unfortunately, Gabby fell ill, which made her not able to get up. The only thing she could do was respire hardly. But still it was the same as death person. So, Travis couldn’t do anything for her. And his sister told him that he could do nothing but supply the difficult time to Gabby. Therefore, he decided to let her go to preserve their love. Because, Travis and Gabby loved each other so much, and Travis’s choice replaced his future. Gabby went up by freedom, and Travis could take care of himself and his children.

So, the one other thing that I learned was love. Nothing will be able to stead for love. A beautiful love can convert one of person’s lives.

For this book, there’s a bunch of message I found. The author, Sparks, showed me that I should not give up easily. Also, I figure that my life wouldn’t be perfect, but I can acquire what I wanted, if I arrange a goal. For example, in part of story, Gabby Holland had aspired about marriage. The marriage would be most women’s desire.
In addition, “The Choice” had the message by Travis and Gabby’s life. First of all, I should accomplish the school work. Then, I will get chance to choose whatever I desire about. Second thing is to augment my own process to raise myself. That way, I can push self-assurance. Last plan is to live without repentance. If I regret on what I choose to do, then I will allay and wasting the life period. Now, I realize how I should think about an aim.

The important idea is how and why the title and the story connected. As I checked out “The choice”, I guessed that it would be about the life and some kind of romance. And it’s also momentous to suffer other people’s life and think about how I am agree with this person. Therefore, I think that the linking the story is significance to consider about.

Now, this is the time that I should look back and forward. So, I wonder how I worked on past time. For example, I came here, U.S.A., on 6th grade. I had a hard time to restart and be feeling comfortable. Because when I arrived, I couldn’t think anything and asked to myself, “What and where am I doing here?” Also, I couldn’t adapt myself in unusual place. Because, everything was different than I used to and I wasn’t brave enough. However, in this present time, I am able to be sensible what I expected around in another environment. Plus, I feel everything in my motion. In all of my life time until now, the moving was the biggest choice I ever had. So, my plan is that I am going to take a fully great choice and walk forward. I don’t care my road is long or difficult. Because, if I proceed forward and do what I supposed to do, nothing will bother me. Even if an obstacle is right across my way, I will just clear away to the side and look on the head. Someday, I will able reach the goal in front of me and see the arrival sign. They all are observing me and wait until they see me to come.

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