Number the stars

December 17, 2009
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Number the Stars by Lois Lowry is a World War II novel that personalizes the story of Denmark's heroic rescue of its Jews. This book is about a brave ten-year-old Danish girl named Annemarie who helps her family rescue her best friend, and other Jews to Sweden. So that they could rescue them from Nazis.

In this book I see many good and bad characteristics. To me that is what makes a good book. A few of the good features are that Lowry gives such minute details, that it gives us the feeling of really being there. The only bad aspect of this book is that it jumped from scene to scene keeping the main character, as well as the readers in the dark, and it has a rushed ending. Other than that it was perfect.
It amazes me the amount of thought put in to the title itself; Number the Stars. Traditionally, when Jews were in trouble they would comfort each other with Psalm 147: "O praise the Lord ... he who numbers the stars one by one”. In this perspective, the title has a profound impact on the reader. All in all, this book shows us how far people will go, and how much risk they will take on, for those they care about, it is as limitless a numbering the stars !

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