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Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

December 21, 2009
By Alex Kannenberg BRONZE, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
Alex Kannenberg BRONZE, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
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Angels & Demons Review- Going into Angels & Demons thinking it’s actually about angels and demons is a mistake. The title is purely metaphorical. Angels & Demons is still an exciting book that will demand your attention until the end.
Dan Brown does a wonderful job in this book. The book is fast paced as it takes place in a single day, but Brown packs so much into it you wouldn’t believe that. All through the book, there are surprises that would make you think Brown is a diabolical mastermind.
Brown’s gift of making such an absurd story seem possible is what makes this book so excellent. The story begins in the home of symbiologist Robert Langdon, early in the morning. He recieves a mysterious phone call asking for someone to identify a symbol they found. He denies, believing it to be a crazed fanatic. Then, later, he recieves a fax of a dead body with a branded chest. What happens next will put him on an adventure so thrilling and terrifying, it will change his life forever.
This book is definetly suspenseful. There are many twists in the plot line, but that’s what makes it good. I started this book expecting something typical, but this book is far from ordinary. The characters seem almost real. You get various insights on their past that makes them seem like people you could run into on the street or on a bus. One warning on this book; some parts are a little adult, but that shouldn’t keep you from reading it.
In short, Angels & Demons is an exciting book with an amazing plot. The ending is magnificent, and while I would like to say it, I won’t, it would totally ruin the book. However, trust me when I say this; the ending of this book is what is so truly great about it.

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