"A Time for Dancing" by David Wills Hurwin

December 21, 2009
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What would it be like to have a best friend? Most of us know. What would it be like to have your best friend be dying of Cancer? Welcome to Julianna and Samantha’s story in the book, “A time for Dancing”.

It’s Sam and Jule’s senior year in high school and they seem to have it figured out, good grades, perfect dance class, wonderful friends, but more important, each other. Awhile into the book we find out Jule’s in suffering from Cancer. You go through the ups and downs through Sam and Jule’s last times spent together.

The author of this book, David Wills Hurwin, is one I haven’t heard of until now. His writing is flawless, leading me curios and definitely full of suspense. The emotions twisted in the pages are simply amazing.

This book is an older book, but is for sure worth the read. It’s a great example for Cancer and the plot is so real to life, I would reread this story again. It goes through many things between heart breaks, family problems, friend situations, and much, much more.

“A Time for Dancing” is about way more than Cancer, it’s about two friends and their journey through their time spent together. A beautiful story written by David Wills Hurwin, I’d recommend this book to anyone.

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