Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

December 17, 2009
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What if the choices you made affected you for the rest of your life? The sci-fi novel Uglies by Texas native Scott Westerfeld is filled with twists and turns. The entire series was enthralling from start to end.

Tally Youngblood is an ugly, longing for the day she turns sixteen so she can finally become a pretty. Her best friend Paris has already become a pretty and she is left with no friends, until Shea comes into her life. Shea is against being pretty and one day plans to escape to the land of the Smokes, where everyone there is an ugly and works in the mines all day. When Tally runs off with Shea, she is faced with special circumstance who threatens her to tell them the secrets of the Smoke, or stay ugly forever. The choices Tally makes don’t only endanger her life, but her friends as well.

This was a gripping read for me. Chapter after chapter lead to another cliff hanger. There are so many challenges and decisions Tally must to go through just to keep her friends. This is by far one of the best sci-fi novels I have ever read. I believe a lot of teens can relate to this book. It was an enjoyable book and I encourage reading the whole series.

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