New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

December 17, 2009
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Has your heart ever been shattered into a billion pieces by someone you thought loved you? In the book New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, Bella swan has. She and her vampire boyfriend, Edward are deeply in love, but one little papercut changes everything. Edward and his family then leave her, and she goes into a deep depression, until she visits an old friend, Jacob. He makes her feel better but she still thinks of Edward, and has nightmares. She notices that when she does something reckless or stupid, Edwards image is standing there telling her not to. Bella does anything to get his image in her head, and then when she pulls a stunt, things go to the extreme. Her life won’t be the same from then on.

I absolutely love the book New Moon, because Stephenie Meyer gave so much detail as to what was going on, weather it was exciting or a moment where nothing was happening. She described what Bella’s thoughts and feelings were toughly. I liked all of the characters, except I didn’t like some of the choices Bella made. I think that she should date Jacob, even though Edward will always be her only love, because he is so nice to her, and respects everything she does. Also, he was there for her when Edward left her, and made her feel better. It bothered me how when Jacob leaned in to kiss her she just pushed away.

I would rate this book 10 out of 10, and I think that people who like to read romances, should read this book. Also, since this book is a part of a series, I would recommend to read the book Twilight before New Moon, and also to read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn that comes after it.

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