Maximum Ride: The Final Warning by James Patterson

December 17, 2009
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Imagine your self running in the woods, hearing dogs bark as they chase your scent, Imagine that the people want do to something horrible to you, something you fear. Something you escaped from and now they have sent monsters to catch you. Imagine that you had some friends or siblings that you were responsible for protecting from some horrible fate that you shared. Now imagine you and your friends/siblings had a gift that no one knew about but has saved your life and one day save the world. You have entered the life of Maximum Ride, the girl who might just save our lives. In the Maximum Ride series created by the genius author James Patterson, meet Max a spirited young girl with a mouth who might be a fourteen, Nudge who might be eleven years old and who just can’t stop talking. Gasman/Gazzy is eight years or younger who will make you wish you skipped breakfast, Angel is an adorable six or seven year old mind reader, and Iggy a fourteen year old blind kid. Fang, Max's right hand man that has midnight personality. They share a common gift, the gift of flight and together they are the flock. And With Max as their leader they try and save the world. In the book The Final Warning, Max and Flock have officially saved the world, Max has found her parents, so what now? School is not an option and the world will soon know about the flock, so what to do? But there are more dangers in the world the flock yet to face and so it’s off to Antarctica to learn about global warming. The final warning is great book for anyone who loves adventure and it also tells us about a real problem that is happening right now the flock is telling us we got to get off the couch and do something before it’s too late.
I like the way the book is written with Max telling the story making it humorous. Max tells us her story though smart comments and blogs and My favorite her poem called, yep you guessed it poem in which Max tells us how she feels about the color white. This book is full of funny parts from being stuck in a tornado to just going insane. Max makes us all laugh.
Overall on a one to ten scale I rate this book a ten. It’s a book that anyone could love and it talks about something in the real world giving readers a unique message.

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