The Face On The Milk Carton by Caroline B Cooney

December 17, 2009
Have you ever wondered if you were kidnapped? Probably not but Janie Johnston a 15 year old girl changed her answered completely. This how it happened while having lunch at school she decided to take a look at the back the milk carton to see who was missing that week. The back of milk cartons tells you who is missing that week. While looking at the milk carton Janie was surprised to see her face on the back of the milk carton her thoughts were how could that be. How she could tell it was her because she had that same dress as a kid and red flowing hair and she did seem to notice she looks nothing like the people she has been staying with for all these years.

Janie jhonstongoes through all these adventers. And also she comes across her true love Reeve and not only love but her boyfriend. She keeps trying to find out who her real family is. I love this storie so much the author did a great job creating the characters and all the emotions that go throught the book love fear and trust.

I would recommend this book to people who just love reading this book is mostly for girls but boys may read it also. Would rate this book a ten out of ten because it is an amazing book not one part is bad. Also read some the other book in the serious What Ever Happened to Janie.
I think this book is wonderful I always loved adventures and if you love advents I recommend this outstanding book to you. Through all her adventures there is still some friends on her side but the friends she lost also are in the storey the reason she lost her friends was her friends thought she was not being series about the kidnapping and left her.

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