The Tomorrow Code by Brian Falkner

December 16, 2009
By Sam T. BRONZE, Chapel Hill,NC, North Carolina
Sam T. BRONZE, Chapel Hill,NC, North Carolina
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Guns. Check. Bio-Hazard Suits. Check. Intense suspenseful book. Check. Once you pick up this book you can’t put it down! I know I couldn’t! Brian Falkner is already a successful writer in his home country of New Zealand and makes his US debut with The Tomorrow Code. This book overall in my opinion is an awesome book. It is very good for readers who like Action and Sci-Fi books. Brian Falkner does a great job with The Tomorrow Code by making you feel like you are there with the characters. Speaking about characters the main characters are Tane, Rebecca, and “Fatboy”. Tane and Rebecca have been friends for almost their whole lives, and when Tane starts to realize that they could be more than friends, “Fatboy” butts in and asks her out. She says yes.
Tane and Rececca find a sequence of 1s and 0s and it doesn’t look like anything. Then when they decode it they find something amazing. The numbers are lottery numbers for the next random draw! The book continues on as Tane, Rebecca, and “Fatboy” try to find out who and why they sent these numbers too them. They find out that the numbers are more than lottery numbers. They may be linked in how to save the world. Here is a short quote from the book: Tane looked, and it appeared pretty random to him. Just a long series of ones and zeros printed in fine black ink on a plain white piece of paper. “Really?” he asked.
“Look, see this section?” She drew some quick lines in pencil on the printout, marking out a series of six digits. 001100.”Look how many times tat sequence repeats throughout the data. Nine times. Too often to be a coincidence. Here’s another sequence: 0101100.” This is a quote from when they are trying to understand the numbers. If you liked books such as Ender’s Game, The Hunger Games, or Graceling then you will love this book.
The Tomorrow Code shows a lot of promise for Brian Falkner’s career as an author and I hope he writes more books. If you like to read, then read this book. You will get hooked in the very first chapter and stay hooked till the very last sentence

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