Among the Imposters by Margaret Peterson Haddix

December 15, 2009
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Among the Imposters is an interesting novel written by Margaret Peterson Haddix. It is the second book in the Shadow Children sequence. The book is quite a short read, but it doesn’t fail to impact the reader. It is a delightful piece of realistic fiction that I can guarantee any reader would love to read. I would even suggest this book to those who are reluctant to reading.

While reading Among the Imposters, I thought to myself, “What would be the theme of this book?” After finishing this book and the first book in the sequence, I finally settled on what, in my opinion, the main theme was. You should always treasure what you have because someone in else in the world would love to treasure what you have.

Among the Imposters is a book about a young boy named Luke. Luke lives in a time where, due to a high population of people, there is not enough food to feed everyone. Because of the population crisis, the government creates a group of law enforcers known as the Population Police. The main goal of the Population Police is to enforce one major rule: No families are allowed to have more than two children. This limit on children is applied to remedy the crisis of food shortage. Unfortunately for Luke, he is a third child, and the only way he can ever have any hope to have freedom is to live a false life under a false identity.

This is why I feel the theme of the story is that you should always treasure what you have because someone in else in the world would love to treasure what you have. Luke must live a false life in order to even be able to glance outside of his windows. If anyone were ever to notice Luke, he would be reported to the Population Police, and he would be taken from his home.

In Among the Imposters, Luke lives the life of Lee Grant. Lee was a rich boy who died in a fatal skiing accident. Lee’s parents opposed the third-child law, so they allowed a double agent from the Population Police to give their son’s identity to a third child who desired freedom. To everyone besides Lee’s family, Luke, and the double agent, Lee is believed to have simply ran away from home. Little do they know, “Lee” was now Luke.

I really enjoyed the writer’s style. She uses language that isn’t overly complex. This allows a smooth read. Not once did I have to wonder what a word meant while reading the book, and that really helped me fully comprehend the book and it’s plot. I hate having to leave the book mid-paragraph to find the meaning of a complicated word.

I also enjoyed the writer’s tone in Among the Imposters. She always had me on the edge of my seat while I read the book. She uses really suspenseful writing style that could accelerate the heartbeat of even the most unenthused reader.

My feelings after reading the book were very positive. I enjoyed reading Among the Imposters very much. The whole time I read the book, I could see it playing through my head like a movie. This is a sign that I really like the book I am reading. Reading this book made me want to read the rest of the sequence even more. I really hope a movie company picks the sequence up for a movie franchise!

Among the Imposters is a great read. If you don’t believe me, read it and find out for yourself!

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