Deadline by Chris Crutcher

December 15, 2009
By autumn_13 BRONZE, Blaclick, Ohio
autumn_13 BRONZE, Blaclick, Ohio
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I could tell from the moment I began "Deadline", I wouldn't like it. The scenario the main character was in is so unlikely to happen, it's sickening. Actually, almost all the character situations were unbelievable. Have you ever met a homeless ex-priest who has a hot-spot for little boys? What about some half Asian, masculine looking chick, with a secret son? No? Didn't think so. Another annoying trait about the book was, was that it didn't exactly have a conflict. He got the girl of his dreams (practically without even trying) and learned about himself. Sure, he had a sucky home life, but if that was the conflict, i would have played a more dominant role in the story. There also wasn't much of a climax either, which sort of goes hand in hand with not having a conflict. Overall, "Deadline" didn't seem worth my reading, and it seemed like a relief to get it over with.

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