Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

December 15, 2009
By , New Albany, IN
Have you ever been followed by faeries, an evil queen, or a handsome king? Most of us haven’t, but for some odd reason Aislinn has been her whole life. In the book Wicked Lovely by the author Melissa Marr, she takes the readers through a journey of Aislinn’s thoughts and feeling while this is happening.

This book takes place in a modern setting like any of our cities do. But what makes Aislinn’s town different is there’s something dark, and secretive about hers. Melissa describes the faeries that Aislinn sees as hideous creatures that would scare any mortal. Aislinn has been practicing for years how to keep her little secret, but when the secret is let out what will it bring?

Aislinn is the main character of the book. She is a teenage girl who attends Bishop O.C. High School. She is a normal teenage girl other than her secret she has hidden. Aislinn is a girl who has just fallen for be best friend, when everything seems to be going good something shows up. Aislinn has seen this fairy before, but when other see him too she gets scared. Not knowing who he is she is intrigued by his beauty, only to find out he is the Summer King.

The beauty Aislinn was intrigued by happened to be Keenan. Keenan was on a journey to find his queen before time is up and the earth is frozen by the evil Winter Queen. Aislinn has no idea why or who she is being followed by till she hears the faeries talking. When Aislinn asks him about it he begs her to be his queen so she can help save her friends and family, better yet her new boyfriend.

The Winter Queen, who just so happened to be Keenan’s mother named Beira, is planning on freezing the earth and killing everyone. If Keenan does not find the perfect queen everyone will be killed. While Keenan is trying to convince Aislinn to marry him Beira has sent out her slave Donia to convince her that Keenan can’t be trusted and how she should not to be his queen. Will Aislinn cave to help save her family and friends? Or will she just ignore the fact that everyone is depending on her? To find out her answer I guess you’ll just have to pick up the book and read it.

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