Black by Ted Dekker

December 15, 2009
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As you probably figured out, I am not of old age. Meaning a lot of people older than me doesn’t understand me. Ted Dekker reminds me of me! Like a little kid trying to break free. The only way on doing so is by writing this book called Black.

Thomas Hunter is a young man who is confused by his own mind. Sounds like a mental problem don’t it? Well actually he tells you what’s going on to make you understand. When I was reading this book, the detail was just phenomenal it made me feel like I had a problem!

His mind plays “tricks” on him I guess you can say. He practically lives in two worlds. One here, on earth, and the other is like a futuristic place that’s nothing of what we dream is going to be the future. When he falls asleep in one place he wakes up in another. So if he falls asleep her he wakes up there without really leaving here. In other words its like a dream, but he doesn’t know which ones the dream.

In Thomas’s earth world, he has an issue on saving it! You see the first time he went to his dream world he was attacked by these bats then he was saved by Rachelle (we will get to her in a second who, by the way, chooses him!) and the Roush named Michal. He is a white bat, the good kind, that knows everything about the past and present. He told Thomas that the reason the earth was different then the past is because of this Rasion vaccine that mutates under intense heat. So he is trying to prevent the world of earth from dying.

Now Rachelle is a beautiful young lady that has chosen Thomas. This means she wants to marry him (May I add that they don’t even know each other but she wants to marry him anyways just because he is hot). This is also very different to what we are use to. Thomas practically has to chase her around to get married.

In this futuristic world Thomas also faces a dilemma her as well. This one is to do with black bats, the evil kind. They don’t like us humans very well.

Black was a very good book. It left me on the edge of my seat and if I gave it a ranking from one to five I would give it a 4.5! The book was very detailed and the only problem with this book was the ending. Now I am not going to give it way but it just left me hanging in thin air. There is a sequel I found out called red. So I will just have to read that one, but in the mean time I think YOU should check out Black. It won’t disappoint.

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