Untamed: House of Night Novel by Kristin Cast and P.C. Cast

December 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Constant danger, death and rebirth, new beginnings and passionate love and lust are a few of the many themes to the fourth book of the House of Night series. All these and more encourage readers to dive right into the lives of Zoey Redbird and those she cares about in this elaborate novel. As one of the many entranced readers of the House of Night series, the constant surprise, defined characters, curious spark and inability to release this book from my grasp has the audience wanting more as Chosen, the third of the series closes.

The plot arises as Zoey struggles with friends, boys and other mischief. Unlike many other teens Zoey’s problems are much more dire and life threatening. While she tries to deal with the heartbreak of losing all three of the guys she was with involved with, she is attacked by an unknown power that is getting stronger. As she tries to find the source, she is reminded that not all darkness is bad and all light is good. She soon realizes that the problem is more than just what goes bump in the night. The problem is a globally hazardous and that she mustn’t let anything get in the way of stopping it, even if that means at the expense of her friends and grandmother.

Find out what is to come in this thrilling, twisted and culturally puzzling adventure about doing what is right and trusting your instinct. This is a great novel for those who like thrill and adventure, but aren’t afraid of a romance or fantasy. Is this sounds like you, pick up the first of the series, Marked, today. I would rate this book four-and-three-quarter out of five stars.

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