Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

December 15, 2009
By Shelbe618 BRONZE, New Albany, Indiana
Shelbe618 BRONZE, New Albany, Indiana
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Although I have never been in love with a vampire, Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer, causes me to think I have. Eclipse is the third book in the Twilight series. It tells of Bella, an average girl with an average life, and of Edward, a mysterious vampire. Edward and Bella are in love, but this attraction does not come without consequence. Their entanglement with each other is constantly putting Bella’s life at risk and getting her into trouble. It seems as though she may not ever be safe; even with the strongest people to protect her.

This book is extremely appealing to all walks of life. It is a fantasy, a romance, and an action story. The vampires, werewolves, dangers, and love make it entirely unique. The distinctive plot calls for pure beauty with heart wrenching happenings. The read is tremendously interesting and seems to be contagious. This page turner was a great book, counting every page.
The romance is constant throughout Eclipse involving Edward, Bella, and sometimes Jacob. The action and danger are entailed when Victoria comes back for Bella, and to add to the suspense she has brought her new mate, Riley. She’s definitely not playing anymore games. Edward and Jacob must join their two teams together to keep Bella out of harm’s way. This is not easily done, but both of their strong senses of love and protection over Bella pull them together.

Throughout the book Bella tries to win over Edward’s sister. She finally opens up to Bella and she tells her story. I no longer thought of her as the stuck up jealous sister. She has valid reasons for her actions. Another dilemma is between Bella and Edward. She wants it to be right, so Edward gives her the best he can; a ring. The part is quite the tear-jerker. I loved it. Now Bella is faced with the task of telling her father, Charlie, about the engagement. How will he react to his only baby getting married to someone that has hurt her so many times before? In the last pages of the book is where you’re answer will come.

Eclipse has such an amazing storyline and captivating characters. This makes it very difficult to put the book down. The pages fly by with great similes, detail, and metaphors. You’ll never read anything else quite like it. Eclipse is a one of a kind book that will capture the heart and relieve the soul.

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