Breaking the Rules by Barbara Taylor Bradford

December 10, 2009
By GracieGray BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
GracieGray BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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The book Breaking the Rules by Barbara Taylor Bradford is a fiction, mystery, and romance novel all rolled into one. The main character, M short for Marie Marsden, is attempting to escape her horrific past. Wonderfully written the book begins in New York and takes the reader on an adventure to Paris and England.
M becomes falls quickly in love with her childhood crush Larry Vaughn. Their relationship moves quickly into a romance and a quick engagement until M and Larry later become married in New York City.
M becomes the head fashion model of Jean-Louis Tremont in Paris and begins leading the reader through a series of tragic events where she and her family are injured by an evil psychopath who is trying to finish her off. He won’t quit until she and her entire family are dead or until someone kills him.
The book jumps scenes a little bit, but Bradford never assumes the reader knows anything; she intentionally leaves out certain details to keep you wondering “Who could do such a thing.” The story line keeps you guessing after every turn of the page.
The reader thinks that they have the story figured out until the family lets you in on who the man behind the explosive attacks really is. You begin to think that he is going to get away with the crimes until a business partner family helps resolve the issue.
However it is slightly unrealistic in that the characters move quickly through their relationship and a few pages become more on the graphic side. The book also becomes progressively more and more violent as the attacks occur, but each becomes more descriptive than the last.
I still believe though that this one of the best books I have read this year tying with The Lost Symbol. Bradford incorporates many literary elements into the novel subtly, but bringing them all together in the end. Bradford even uses a few red hearings to lead the reader in another direction. I recommend Breaking the Rules to anyone who enjoys reading it is an amazing book.

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