The Gossip of the Starlings by Nina de Gramont

December 16, 2009
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Are you drawn by irresponsible, cocaine addicted school girls? How about a story of a self-destructive politicians’ daughter who drags people down with her charisma and negligence? Well if you are The Gossip of Starlings is certainly for you. Catherine is a simple half French girl, devoted to her boyfriend John Paul, Equestrianism, and her best friend Susannah. Skye, a destructive red-headed privileged politician’s daughter.
It all starts out when Catherine befriends Skye, Senator Butterfield’s daughter, at their private-all girl school. She introduces Skye to the amazing world of cocaine, and Skye effortlessly attaches herself to Catherine and her world. Skye likes to think of herself as Catherine’s best friend; however Catherine’s best friend is a Venezuelan girl named Susannah. When Catherine, Susannah, John Paul, and Susannah’s boyfriend Drew, take a trip to Skye’s beach house, they get to personally experience the first glimpse of Skye’s destructive behavior.
By winter, Skye is dragging Catherine down in her carelessness. The love of her life, John Paul, is eventually pushed away by the influence that Skye has over Catherine, and she soon is faced with the devastating break-up. Susannah is irritated that Catherine can’t see past Skye’s charisma and shear beauty. By Skye’s irresponsibility, Catherine breaks her arm and risks everything she has worked all her life for. In the meantime, Skye finds herself in a relationship with one of their teachers, Mr. November. In the following chapters you will find disaster, growth, and trouble both of them never expected.
To see the tragedy no one could have predicted, you must read this book. It will captivate you and swirl you in the complex characters and attractive plot.

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run295 said...
Feb. 7, 2010 at 3:47 pm
this sounds amazing! my name is susannah!
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