Superior Saturday by Garth Nix

December 14, 2009
By Anonymous

If you’re a big fan of fantasy books and you like to read books that are full of magical adventures and challenges then the sixth book, Superior Saturday by Garth Nix is the perfect book for you. This book is part of The Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix. It has all the characteristics of a fantasy book you ever wanted!
The fantasy book Superior Saturday involves magic keys that each have a different power to. In this particular book there is one key that allows you to teleport the key user to different places as long as there is a mirror that reflects the image of the place. There is also many magical potions and spells being use to turn the characters into rats. And the Denizens that live and work in the house have rare powers; they can heal from injury very easily. There are also many talking rats getting involved to different jobs.
This book takes place at a magical house that has three parts to, the lower, middle, and the upper house. The main character Arthur Penhaligon received his first key on earth due to his asthma attack at school. Now Arthur has retrieved five keys and found out that he is 60 percent Denizen and only 40 percent human left, he then receives a phone call from his brother on earth. Arthur finds out that the national army under Saturday’s servant is planning to destroy his hometown with a nuclear bomb. To prevent this terrible outbreak at hometown he uses his fifth key to stop time at his hometown. Arthur’s hoping for enough time for him to stop the disaster from happening.
Mean while at the house Arthur found out that the lower house is destroyed by Nothing from Saturday. Arthur believes that Saturday wants to destroy the middle and upper house also with Nothing. The only way to prevent everything from happening at his hometown and the house is to take down Saturday and seize her key. Doing so Arthur encounters many problems in between his quest.
Can Arthur overcome evil and defeat Saturday? Will Arthur be able to find the key in time to get back home to prevent the nuclear attack? Can Arthur save the house before everything is too late? If you want to know you must read the book and find out yourself.
Overall Superior Saturday was a really fascinating book. Personally I am not a big fantasy book reader but I found this book very attractive. Even though it was a fantasy book, but Garth Nix really put some effort into it to make it sound like stopping time on earth may possibly happen in the future when technology gets more advanced. In my opinion, I think Garth Nix is a really good writer and his series, The Keys to the Kingdom is a wonderful fantasy sequence for all ages. I would highly recommend all his books.

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