Deenie Review

December 15, 2009
A teen girl who wants something she can’t have… isn’t that the storyline for all fairytales? Maybe so but the fairytale I read was actually somewhat different. Deenie, by Judy Blume, is the book I chose to read and do a review on.

At first this book started out as the same as all the other stories and sounded like a huge cliché. For the most part it was; which I wasn’t crazy about. Deenie was a teenaged girl in 8th grade, who was raised by her parents to be a model. It sounded like her parents already had it set that she was going to be a model whether she liked it or not.

Deenie was a fairly good model and was offered by many agencies… until they saw how she walked. Her posture was not quiet right. Although Deenie knew she was a good model, she found a hobby that she preferred; cheerleading. She saw cheerleaders as I did, snobby and stuck up. Which I thought was funny. So she didn’t join the squad. Not to mention her mom probably wouldn’t be too fond of the idea.

So Deenie was stuck in a pickle and to add to the dilemma, she found out she has scoliosis which is a nightmare for models and cheerleaders. And this would be like if I broke my leg because I wouldn’t be able to play soccer or tennis. I can imagine how mad and upset I would be. This surprised me because a lot of fairytales only have one big problem and then a happy ever after solution at the end. This made it seem more realistic and not just a girl with all the right looks and attitude gets what she wants.

This story was rather boring, probably because I’m not much of a fictional reader. But I understand how the author could of just stopped but didn’t. That made it more interesting and different from the other fairytales, I think.

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