December 15, 2009
The Twilight Saga has been very popular ever since the first book, “Twilight”, came out on bookshelves. After reading the first two novels, I decided to read the third of the four books, “Eclipse”. I’ve never been involved in a family of vampires nor in a love triangle with a human, a vampire, and a werewolf, and neither have I ever dealt with dangerous feared vampires from Seattle. Stephenie Meyer made me feel like a character in the book.

Bella Swan’s stay at Forks High School is almost over and graduation is approaching. And her want of becoming a vampire keeps getting stronger and more envious. People in town may think she’ll be a normal graduate and go off to college, but the reality of the situation is that Bella will spend the rest of her life with her flawless Cullen family.

“Eclipse” does involve a complicated love triangle. Though Edward and Bella are both in love with each other and plan to be with one another, Bella’s “close” friend Jacob gets in the way of things. Jacob is in love with Bella who is in love with Edward, so things are complicated. Everyone knows Edward and Bella are destined to be together. So why is Jacob butting in on their perfect romance? Bella has told him before she loves him, but no matter what she’s not giving up Edward, or the dream of being a vampire.

Between all the awkwardness of the love triangle, Bella’s consistent enemy Victoria is still hunting for her because of the loss of her own love. On top of that, not only is Bella in harm’s way, but so is the city of Forks. In Seattle, there are murders happening that are unexplainable. As it continues, the Volturi are getting suspicious. Bella soon realizes that the murders going on and her are related.

Bella needs to make decisions. Who is she? Who does she truly love and want to be with? What is she willing to give up in order to get all she wants? If you’re interested in the choices Bella makes, you’ll have to read the books. And the novel that follows the third, “Breaking Dawn”.

I thought the characters and the plot line that Stephenie expressed in the book really gripped the label of a fiction novel. The way she wrote and the details she gave throughout “Eclipse” reflected the stereotypical fantasy story very well.

You have Bella Swan who is a damsel in distress who falls in love with a perfect guy at school who later learns her prince charming is a blood sucking vampire, but still loves him anyway. Then you have Edward and Jacob. Edward loves Bella, and Jacob loves Bella, and Bella loves both of them, the fantasy love triangle. Jacob seems perfect for her. He’s sweet, nice, and even Bella’s father likes him. But Bella’s love for Edward is too strong to ever let him go.

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