Breaking Dawn

December 15, 2009
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This book Breaking Dawn in broken down into three books. The first book I read about was Bella's which showcased that she didn't really care of the whole marriage thing at the same time she had most joy of getting married to Edward. Knowing that she was going to have him to her self for ever which was the only part she looked forward to. Right after the wedding they spend their honeymoon on a remote island near the coast of Brazil. During their stay, Bella’s wish comes true when she and Edward make love. Shortly after, Bella becomes aware of her pregnancy when she misses a period , searching through her suitcase which her sister Alice packs for her and Bella finds a box of tampons. Shortly after she discovers they call Calisle to see if it was true and when they found out they traveled home.

Book two is Jacob's book and takes on his prospectived starting off with him coming up with ways how to kill the Cullens. He then proposes the opition to "Sam's Pack" and they revokt his choose, but then later wants to do it but then when he learns they won't to kill bella in the process so he then leaves the pack. So as he left he he was joined by his freind Seth and his sister Leah so he then warns the Cullens about the packs move. It then documents the pregnancy of Bella right through to the birth of her child. Four weeks after conception Bella gives violent birth to the child. In the process she loses a great deal of blood and suffers multiple broken bones. To save her life Edward is forced to embrace and turn her into a vampire. Which Saves her in the long run.

The final part of Breaking Dawn reverts back to Bella’s view point, continuing her story as an excited Vampire who enjoys all the abilities it brings. Mostly she is happy the that she can have more affection with edward without being torn to peices. It only takes her two days to get over the process of becoming a vampire. She is better than any other newborn vampire the Cullens have encountered. After their welcoming 7 covens of the good vampire that exist. Irina, another Vampire mistakenly identifies the baby; she believes Renesmee is an “immortal child, one that has been changed to a Vampire.Irina informs the Volturi of the act, they then decide to destroy the Cullens and baby Renesmee based on Irina’s allegations. So then they work on Bella's powers she discovered so they can beat the Volturi.espite the news of the childs true nature being revealed they are still unsure as to the threat the childs existence brings to the secret lives of vampires. Soon after, the arrival of Jasper and Alice, who too had a human-vampire child return. They prove the child presents no threat with Nahuel, their 150 year old crossbreed son. The Volturi see the truth in these words and promptly leave, safe in the knowledge that vampire-human crossbreeds can co-exist without bringing any undue attention on the vampire’s existence. Bella, Edward and their daughter Renesmee return safely to their home.

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