Freeze Frame by Heidi Ayarbe MAG

December 28, 2009
By Cynthia Lam BRONZE, Westfield, New Jersey
Cynthia Lam BRONZE, Westfield, New Jersey
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Freeze Frame by Heidi Ayarbe is a dark, thought-provoking, multi-layered novel about a boy's struggle to accept reality, move on, and ultimately find himself. Kyle is a typical high school outcast until a tragic incident changes everything. After the sudden death of his best friend, Jason, Kyle's life spirals out of control as he struggles to remember what happened on that fateful day and regain normalcy.

This is a deep and interesting novel, as it explores the many different (and sometimes frightening) sides of human nature. The plot slowly unravels, layer by layer, through flashbacks and memories of the central character, while also weaving a web of suspense and sentiment through the fast-paced drama. I like how the book is written in a series of short vignette-like chapters and compelling scenes. This makes Freeze Frame refreshing and appealing to read.

At certain points, I found that the story line drags. Although most of the action and dialogue is necessary, it takes too long to build up to the climax. Overall, though, Freeze Frame is a meaningful and rewarding read. I recommend it to teens who enjoy drama, realistic fiction, and mystery.

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