Plan B by Jenny O'Connell

November 25, 2009
By :)Corynn! BRONZE, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
:)Corynn! BRONZE, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
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Have you ever thought of life being unfair? Have you ever felt like you never fit in? Not until you have “Plan B.”
Vanessa is an only child living with her parents in Chicago, Illinois. Like many single children, she gets away with almost anything and every now and then gets spoiled. She and her best friend plan on going to Europe for the summer, but that gets thrown out the window when she finds out she has a half brother although they both keep trying to achieve the goal of going. When he, Vanessa’s half brother Reed Vaugn, comes to live with her family for senior year, Vanessa’s life is changed forever, or so she thinks.
Jenny O’Connell keeps you interested in this novel by throwing you life’s biggest curveball. This book is the exact opposite of those that start out slow and have a boring middle. She makes you feel things and actually experience things that Vanessa is going through.
I could not put this book down from the very beginning. You have so many things running through your head while you are reading it and all you can do is hope for the best for Vanessa in the end. O’Connell does and equisite job holding your attention until the very end.
“Plan B” is definitely the type of book you should plan on reading. I sure enjoyed it and I believe you will too.

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