A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket/ Daniel Handler

November 30, 2009
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One of my favorite series is called “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. This series has many addicting conflicts that make you want to not stop reading. The author Lemony Snicket is only a pen name. The original guy was planning on writing three books, but ended up writing 13 books in this series. Another good thing about reading them is that the author, puts in some long words and defines them for you.
This main story tells the tale about these three children who have been in many dilemmas because of Count Olaf. The story begins, as a normal family with normal problems in their lives. The parents are rich, and have kept many horrible things in the world away from their children. The children's names are Violet,Klaus, and Sunny. Each of them has their own special talent. Violet likes to invent, Klaus enjoys reading, and Sunny loves to bite things. These children find out, one tragic day that their parents died in a fire. The Baudelaire parents put in their will that if anything happened to them, their kids would inherit the Baudelaire fortune. Their good friend Mr. Poe, who is a lawyer, finds out that the parents have a guardian already planned for their kids. Their guardian is a family member from one of the generations. Through many rough months, their uncle puts the three of them to hard work cleaning his dirty house. In his mind he is thinking that if he kills any one of them, than he will get the Baudelaire fortune. After the kids find out his scheme, they run away from him. This then leads into many more unfortunate events. As they try to get farther and farther a way with him, he ends up finding them.

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Lgm_190 said...
Dec. 4, 2009 at 10:16 pm
great review (:
overall you are talked about the first book
"the bad begging"
note: count olaf is not there uncle
but great review seriously
have you read all of the books?
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