The R.A.T: Real-World Aptitude Test MAG

By Elizabeth B., Eagle Bridge, NY

     Can you do laundry? Cook an egg? Tell thedifference between Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers? Open a copy ofThe R.A.T.: The Real-World Aptitude Test by Homer E. Moyer, Jr. to findout. If you think those are easy, how about managing money or reciting apoem? In The R.A.T., Moyer not only tests your skills in all these areas(and then some) but also give you answers.

The book is dividedinto five sections: The Basics; Things Worth Knowing; Things It Is RiskyNot to Know; Things to Give You an Edge; and Improving Your Quality ofLife. Most of the questions are multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank.You’ll find detailed answers in the back of the book.

TheR.A.T. is full of practical and general knowledge, and it can be fun totest what you know. It covers basics such as grocery shopping, cookingand domestic skills but also tests your knowledge of cars, theenvironment, computers, foreign customs, etiquette and culture. In all,The R.A.T. has 300 questions, but no one says you have to tackle themall at once. Moyer adds extra tidbits and resources to the answersection so you can explore any of these subjects further.

Thisbook makes an excellent read before going off to college or living onyour own. Life skills, general knowledge, household info and handymanskills are useful for just about anyone to know even if you don’tneed all of this right away. So read The R.A.T and prepare forlife.

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