The curious incident of the dog in the night time

October 2, 2009
“I killed Wellington, Christopher”said Christopher's father.

Christopher wondered if this was a joke, because he didn't understand jokes. and when people told jokes he felt that they didn't mean what they said. But then his father said, “Please. Christopher. Just let me explain.” (Haddon120)

This novel starts with a young teenager who has difficulty understanding human emotion. He finds a neighbor's dog cold and dead. He decides to find out who killed it and write a book reference to it. Later he hears the truth from his father about who killed the dog and how all this accident relates to his “dead” mother. Christopher finds out by accident, while researching the dog's death, that his mother, who he thinks is dead, because that's what his father told him, is really alive and living in London with another man. He felt sick and scared because his father had lied to him and killed the dog belonging to Mrs. Shear. He was afraid his father might will kill him too. Christopher made up his mind to go all the way to London by himself to live with his mother. As the story progresses, the novel illustrates how this confused young teen reaches to his maturity little by little. One of the the interesting facts is that this novel reflects the authors early job. He worked with children and adults who had special need.

As I see each of the author's particular style, I could see his feelings toward children, whom he had worked for. The syntactical choice the author made was illustrated through out the novel. Pictures are well drawn and easier to understand. His syntactical choice of illustrations came from his early career as the author of many children's picture books. His wonderful products for children are Agent Z series, Baby Dinosaurs series, and Gilbert's Gobstopper. His use of easy diction also shows the author's early work with children. This piece of work is well organized in an easy-to-understand-format. This book is in chronological order, which helps the reader easily follow. The author purposfully wrote in Christopher's point of view in order to see everything and understand more from a disoriented child's view.
All of his style in writing are purposed for children or young readers.

The main plot of this novel is Christopher's little accomplishments. Christopher is a kid with disordered behavior and abnormally intelligent mental thinking process. The author chose this character instead real little child is because he wanted readers to wear the shoes of Christopher's kind of children. The author's another early job was work with the kids and adults who has physical and mental problems. Christopher is selfish, self-centered, intelligent boy. He can only concentrate one thing and hates when there's too many things or people around. Because of his natural anti-multi-function behavior, he could have died in the train station. He concentrated only on chasing his rat that he didn't calmly calculate or try to think another way to find the rat as he usually does. One of the quotes that can display the author's talent was at the moment this event happened. He used very well developed images and intensity of that situation, that it not only showed everyone's fervor, but also lead the reader to have equal fervor that the author purposely developed. “Toby..Toby... but he ran off again. And the man with the diamond patterns on his socks tried to grab my shoulder, so I screamed. And then I heard the sound like sword fighting and Toby started running again....I grabbed at him and I caught him by the tail. And the man with the diamond patterns on his socks said Oh Christ. Oh Christ. And then I heard the roaring...And then the roaring got louder and JI turned round and I saw the train coming out of the tunnel and I was going to be ran over and killed so I tried to climb up onto the concrete but it was high...An then the man with the diamond patterns on his socks grabbed hold of me and pulled me up onto the concrete and we fell over... ”(Haddon 182-183)

Mark Haddon won many prizes such as BAFTAs and a Royal Television Society Award for the work of Microsoap. This proves that he is very good at illustrations; not only pictures, but also in literacy. His writing style is so much like television because there's so many highly developed images throughout the novel. For example, “Furthest away in the sky were lots of little white clouds which looked like fish scales or sand dunes which had a very regular pattern. Then next furthest away and to the west were some big clouds which were colored slightly orange because it was nearly evening and the sun was going down..” (Haddon 68) I would recommend this book to the type of readers who like to see pictures right in front of their eyes by descriptive literature. I also recommend this book to those who like happy endings and mysteries.

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