Giver of Roses by Kathleen Morgan

November 2, 2009
By Asher BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
Asher BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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“The Guardian returns,
His hands filled with roses…”

Giver of Roses, written by Kathleen Morgan, is the story of one man's journey in faith as he is forced to rely on God alone to fulfill the destiny set before him. Blinded, wounded, and betrayed in battle, Vartan, the Crown Prince of Astara, wrestles the daunting powers of evil as they threaten his people's very existence. Only with the help, love, and loyalty of Danae can Vartan find the faith he needs to walk the path set before him. Though countless struggles and trials, the two of them learn to understand truth and to rely on God to save the land they both love.

This first book in the Guardians of Gadiel series is a story of love and hate, loyalty and betrayal, and most of all, of keeping faith. Kathleen Morgan parallels her story with a person's struggle to find acceptance, as well as accomplishing the impossible, a feat only made possible through the help of a god and savior. This Christian writer, through her writings, subtlety conveys many messages of spiritual guidance, while entwining them with an exciting plot that couldn't be turned down and is hard to resist.

I would recommend this book to all teens and adults who enjoy romance, action and adventure, religious, and fantasy novels. Giver of Roses combines all of these genres and adds its own special flair to the world of books and stories. Once you open the front cover, you won't be able to put it down until you've finished the last page then bought the sequel. Giver of Roses is not a book to miss.

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