Running With The Bulls by Luc Longley

November 1, 2009
By Anonymous

They hold a basketball record of 72 wins. They've won a fourth championship in six seasons and tagged by many as the “Greatest Team Ever”. The Chicago Bulls are a basketball legend.

Running with the bulls is an Autobiography by Luc Longley. It tells about his life as a professional basketball player, his extraordinary season of hoops with the incomparable Chicago Bulls. He also talks candidly about Michael Jordan, rebounder Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, the brilliant mind of Phil Jackson.

Luc was being drafted by the Wolves in 1991, he thought he'd play at Denver but that year the Nuggets took Georgetown centre Dikembe Mutombo at no.4 overall. He struggled at his first year or so and felt that the whole aspect of team spirit and sense of unity wasn't there that's why they struggled. By the time he got traded he was trying to figure out how to extract himself from it. Once he got to Chicago, all the positive side of him came to the fore with good guys around him.

Coach Phil Jackson signed Luc for a reason. He was part of jigsaw of talents and personalities that only a legendary coach could complete, he could see that Luc would be a crucial piece in any future success. But the most important piece of the puzzle was Michael Jordan who returned on the Bulls after a brief retirement, a year after Luc made his debut with the team. In those early days, Jordan was a nightmare for his team mates. He played every practice as though life depended on it, he even fought his team mates and pushed himself into a basketball frenzy.

Another part of Jackson's puzzle was the “Bad Boy” Dennis Rodman. Dennis broke all the sport rules he was a party animal, but he worked harder than anybody else in the team. He was the best rebounder in the league and he really worked hard just to get the ball, banging with his bigger opponents just to get the ball that he wants. The last piece of Jackson's puzzle was Scottie Pippen, he's one of the superstar in the team who can help Jordan to win a game. He's become a great friend of Luc and certainly a lot closer to him than MJ.

When the season begins they knew they're going to be the best team, they had all the pieces and all the leaders. Everything seemed to be clicking for them. They were 10-1 of the blocks, then 23-2, then suddenly after 18 game win streaks, 43-3. They reached 60-8, with 14 games to play. As it turned out the Bulls didn't suffer for fatigue or pressure. When they won 70 games in Milwaukee it was historic, this puts their names on the history books.

Longley's story is a compelling chronicle of one of sports most intriguing and successful teams in season that rewrote the record books. This book is aimed to people who are a basketball fan.

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