Eragon by Christopher Paolini

October 28, 2009
Eragon had no idea what he had discovered when he found a brilliantly polished blue stone. Little did he know that it was instead a dragons egg waiting to hatch for him. Now, separated from his friends and family, he’s desperately searching for those that have slain his uncle and destroyed his home. Throughout his journey he and his dragon, Saphira, are taught and aided by the Carvahall storyteller, Brom. He has been thrust into the legend of the Dragon Riders without knoeing where it will take him.

Fantasy readers will have trouble putting this book down, although readers of more fast paced novels may be a little disappointed as the story can mature slower than some due to its highly descriptive nature. Nevertheless this is a book for all ages and readers. An exciting beginning to a saga that will continue over the next three books.

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