Someone Like: Friendship Overcomes the World You by Sarah Dessen

October 24, 2009
By Stormy BRONZE, Earlham, Iowa
Stormy BRONZE, Earlham, Iowa
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Someone Like You: Friendship Overcomes the World
Are you looking for an adventure between two teenagers lives. Someone Like You, by Sarah Dessen a New York Times best selling author, published by the Penguin Group in 1998 is the book for you.

This story is a fiction book told in first person about two girls having to face real world teenagers' problems. With their strong friendship, they could face anything. Boys, friends, and family were the most important things to Hally until one tragic day her best friend Scarlet's boyfriend died in a motorcycle accident, and later Scarlet finds out she's pregnant with his baby. Scarlet will be facing the stages of becoming a teenage mom.
Hally will be right beside her the whole way, however, Hally meets Malcom, which she really likes a lot but will have to face some grown up decisions. Malcom wants to go to the next step, which Hally is not ready. Will Hally go against her belief or will she stand up for herself?

I think Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen is a great book to read because it covers teenager's situations. Many teenagers are affected by teen pregnancy and teen death. Dessen tries to put herself in a teenager's shoes. I think she was trying to get out to her readers, they shouldn't do anything they might regret in the future, and they are not to be afraid to stand up for themselves. No one can tell them what to do that they will be sorry for in the long run. They only live once so make it the most of it. It will go by fast, trust me I know. I am now a senior, and soon I will be on my own, no mommy or daddy to hold my hand. I think Sarah Dessen was trying to get all these points across, and I agree with her. She is right, now you can understand why she is called the New York Times best selling author. She knows what she is talking about; she was once a teenager having to face the same situations any teenager may have to face. In the book two teenage girls face these challenges, and they have to figure out with their friendship how they can overcome them all.

What could I say about Sarah Dessen's writing style? Her main focus is getting out to her teen audience. Most of her books deal with teen situations. So, the main theme in this book is that friends have to be there for each other during the best and even the worst of times. In the book, when Scarlet gets pregnant Halley is there for Scarlet the whole way, and she even attends birthing classes with her. When it's time for the baby, Hally is there, and she never leaves her side. Once you start reading the first page, you won't be able to put it down. Makes you feel like it's really happening.
I would recommend this book to young adults, and even anyone who is dealing with teen pregnancy, teen death, or even having teen crises. I promise when you pick up this book you won't be disappointed; it's an excellent book. I am sure you will enjoy it

The author's comments:
I hope you will take the time to sit down and read this book. You won't be disappointed. Its a fantastic book. :)

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