Pop Princess by Rachel Cohn

October 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Rachel Cohn who wrote the award winning book Gingerbread and the co-writer of Nick and Nora’s infinite play list, has written yet another hit teen book.

In this chart topping book, Wonder Blake is the younger sister of Lucky and the older sister to her brother Charles. As brother and sister grieve for Lucky who was tragically killed by a drunk driver, get moved to Devonport, Cape Cod where Wonder Blake gets thrown into the world of a pop princess and the world her sister would be in. Between working hard to be what her sister was and finding a guy who likes her for more than her body, her life is hard until she can be herself and step out of her sister’s shadow. Then everything changes and she ends up with the guy next door.

Shown from the view of someone working hard to make it to the big time, you get a unique insight on the emotions and of a girl trying to be herself. This book is aimed at girls in their early to mid teens who love a good teen story. Although the book has many moments of excitement there are places where you just want to skip through from boredom like at the beginning before wonder gets signed up to be a pop princess. At this stage the story’s pace is slow and you feel discouraged from reading until the story picks up the pace.

This story has mixed reviews like “thoughtful and intelligent” from the Kliatt reviewer and “The most alluring scenes here are visions of the pop princess world- all packaging and no content” which was from Publishers Weekly contributor. Pop Princess has also won the New York public library books for teenage selection- 2005.

A must have book for any girl striving to make it to the big time or a girl who loves to read about teen romance. Overall this book is perfect for all girls.

The author's comments:
Book Review for english class.

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