Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

October 15, 2009
Annabel Greene is a girl who supposedly, “has everything in life.” Shes a model, has the friends she needs and a amazing family. But one summer her life takes a big toll and she looses it all. It starts with her best friend Clarke. She has been best friends with Annabel sense they were 6 years old, but when the new comer Sophie. She was a dare devil, a girl who wanted to hang out with guys after dark and drink beer at the pool after its closed, they are all 12 years old at this time. Annabel and Clarke got asked to go with Sophie one night to the pool to hang out with some guys, Clarke immediately said no. She was the type of girl who followed to rules, listened to her parents and didn't do anything wrong. Annabel was not sure what she wanted to do, Clarke told her not to go but she ended up going anyways, and pretty much ditching Clarke on there pizza and movie night. Once they are at the pool Clarke is yelling to Annabel to come home cause its getting late, but she doesn't. Clarke wasn't mad, but Annabel didn't put in muchof a effort to get her back as a friend. And so, many years later, Annabel starts to hate modeling, her family is going through a hard time with her sister, Whitney, going through a eating disorder, and her grandmother dying. Annabel is the only one left of her 2 sisters who is modeling. She doesn't want to do it but with everything that is going on, its the only thing that makes her mom happy. Annabel goes out to a party one night and Sophie's boyfriend, Will Cash, is in a room drunk and Annabel thinks its some other guy that she was with but it wasn't and he takes total control ever her and starts to rape her, but Sophie walks in a immediately starts calling Annabel a slut and that she never wants to see her again. When Annabel goes to school she has no friends. Her only friend becomes the tall, judged, out cast of the school, Owen Armstrong. They become the best of friends, and near the end of the book, her and Clarke kinda start talking again. I would really suggest this book, it was AMAZING!

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wolffaery62 said...
Oct. 29, 2009 at 2:01 pm
awesome book! i loved it
HOPEMVP said...
Oct. 22, 2009 at 9:53 am
I have this book and read it too! its good.
TwilightButterfly replied...
Oct. 22, 2009 at 9:29 pm
This book was the greatest I trying to read all of Sarah Dessens book
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