Inside the mind of Gideon Rayburn by Sarah Miller

October 9, 2009
I bet at least one time in your life you’ve wanted to be able to read some ones’ mind, right? I will tell you that I am honestly not a big book worm but when I read an amazing book, I know an amazing book. When you think of being able to read some ones’ mind, you know you could hear their thoughts, know when they’re lying, and know exactly what they think of you. But, what if you could be inside their mind and know their thoughts? And know when they’re lying, know when they feel bad because of their lying, being able to actually feel their emotions, knowing exactly how they feel about you? What if you could almost be them but still be yourself? Sarah Miller has miraculously achieved this wish that everyone has in a book I would like to simply classify as a must read.

Inside the mind of Gideon Rayburn has your mind captured in the first couple chapters and has your heart a couple after that. From the very second page of the book, the girl that is inside Gideon’s mind tells you she is leaving out who she is. It makes you wonder throughout the whole entire book out of all of these girls he interacts with. Fifteen year old Gideon still has his ‘V-Card’ and new roommates who find this out soon enough, placing a bet on him on one certain girl. He has to have sex with Molly McGarry and only her; no one else until her. Gideon falls in love with a different girl but has to keep his concentration on Molly as the girl inside his mind sees everything, feels all of his emotions, and gives advice to him that only she can hear. Now, being inside the mind of a guy you have just recently met at school and having no idea how you got there, you must learn to live there and cope with everything he does and yes, you’ll eventually fall in love with him. But, you, as the reader, have no idea who this girl in his mind is until the very last two pages. It keeps your little mind wandering about and thinking strenuously as the story of Gideon Rayburn, the girl he falls for, and the girl who falls for him unfolds and keeps you flipping the pages as fast as you can.

I very strongly recommend this book to anyone who, as I know everyone wants to, would like to at some point, read some ones’ mind. This is a good book for either gender; boy or girl. Boy, he understands everything Gideon must do to win the bet and can easily imagine the girls he interacts with not just because of how Sarah Miller wrote but because well… they’re guys. Girl, she gets a bunch of laughs out of this book and a lot of ‘Why in the world would a guy do that?’. The way Sarah Miller writes is exactly how, I would imagine, a fifteen year old boy thinks and acts which makes you capture and understand every moment perfectly but still makes you want more.

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