The Great Good Thing by Roderick Townley

October 8, 2009
The Great Good Thing

by Roderick Townley

While reading a book we experience three things. We read the words from the pages, we hear a narrator in our head, and we see the scene come alive within our imagination. The Great Good Thing touches into each of those senses with the ability to create a whole new point of view. It dives into the world of book reading, but on the other end. This timeless bed-side novel reveals the lives of the characters inside the book, and their daily lives in a recurring story in which each member has perfected his or hers own role. Having read nothing like it before, the childish humor and innocent perseverance creates a gratifying refreshment that will capture your heart.

When the book that Sylvie and her royal family thrive within is burned by the pyro-rebellious brother of their Reader, Sylvie is forced to take it upon herself to find a safe haven for her family and friends; in dreams. What follows is an audacious adventure that unfolds as Sylvie gives herself as a heroine to those around who need her the most. Using a cast of royal, adventurous characters, each having their own unique part, Roderick Townley creates an imaginative and classic storyline.

With the combination of vintage fairy-tale scenes and beautifully descriptive adventures of dreamland and beyond, the book The Great Good Thing can attract any reader with a sense of imagination. Upon reading the first few pages, readers will seat themselves comfortably within the pages as the main character Sylvie does so quite literally. Cleverness and loyalty lie in wait on every new page with an innocence that will create an ongoing smile of enchantment, never to leave you. Teens, adults, and children alike will delight in this book of angelic hidden treasure from the beloved beginning to its pleasing end.

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