Where are the children? by Mary Higgins Clark

October 8, 2009
By amgoodine BRONZE, Milo, Maine
amgoodine BRONZE, Milo, Maine
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Where are the children? tells the heartbreaking story of Nancy Harmon and her misleading trial against the murdering of her first two children. Nancy struggles to hold herself together, but when her husband commits suicide, she snaps and begins freaking out . Making matters only worse. The jury begins to question her about the truth and what her home life with Carl, her previous husband, was actually like.

When her trial is dismissed, the eye witness runs away and Nancy goes into hiding. She changes her entire identity, hoping to never have to go back to court. Leaving you, the reader, questioning whether or not she truly was the murderer of her own flesh and blood. Years later Nancy is remarried, living in Cape Cod where she is hidden from the press, and has two other children, Michael and Missy.

Just as her life was starting to be “normal” again and her pain was finally beginning to heal, her life takes a turn for the worst when her two children are kidnapped one morning while out back playing on the swing set.

Mary Higgins Clark wrote this mystery with vivid details, playing out the scenes in your head and keeping you on the edge of your seat. Every page you read unravels the mystery a little more, making the entire picture clearer and easier to understand, yet it never gives away the ending.

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