The Road by McCarthy

October 2, 2009
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“When he woke in the woods in the dark and the cold in the night he’d reach out to touch the child sleeping beside him.” The Road was a thrilling drama/horror that jumps out at you the moment you pick it up and read it.

A nameless father and son trek across a wilderness that used to be the most prosperous country in the entire world. All that there is left is ash falling in the wind. A perfect setting for McCarthy and the Road. The Road had people jumping out of their seats in freight and also made people keep reading it until they fell asleep with the book lying in their hands. The author’s style made it seem like you were right there in the action of the story with the two nameless characters. There is absolutely no humor in the book and it is not for people who are looking for humor. The author’s voice portrays a sense of depressing nature toward life and toward all of their books. Other books I’ve read are not as well written and you can’t tell who is writing them. But that is completely different when you read the Road. McCarthy’s voice jumps out right at you.

The two nameless characters are very well put together. Although the story seems unreal and almost like it would never happen, these two nameless father and son make it so believable you feel like your right their in the danger. I like these characters because they are the only good people on the earth at that point it seems like. This makes me enjoy the book more because I know I’m reading about someone who is good and not bad. The boy was not very pleasant complaining all of the time but mainly the two characters made the story very believable and made me want to keep reading and reading.

This setting was very unique. It was different from every other setting in any other stories. From the world now, the setting was very depressing but very cool as well because it was so different. You can close your eyes and picture the setting perfectly like your right there in the action. Although, many books you can’t do that, with the Road it’s easy. That’s what makes this book top of the line is because you can always imagine that you are in the story with the two nameless characters. The plot was also very well put out because nothing was predictable. If that is the case in a story then that makes it twenty times better because you never know what’s going to happen next so it makes you read on no matter what. If that wasn’t the case then you would put the book down because you knew what was going to happen next and you would be bored of the book in a couple of hours.

I recommend this book to any readers because all elements are superb and are top of the line to any reader I am sure of it. Any reader would enjoy a classic book like The Road any time of day.

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