Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass

October 1, 2009
By lovelois4ever BRONZE, San Francisco, California
lovelois4ever BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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Have you ever been treated horribly? If you did something wrong, did you get beat?

Frederick Douglass went through almost his whole life like that. He was a slave and lived life without a real home and parents. His mother died when he was about seven years old and yet he did not know about it. He only knew his aunt Hester.

If aunt hester disobeyed her master by going out and not coming when her name was called, her master threatened to whip her! One day her master called her name three times without a response from her, because she was out. Once aunt hester got back, her master began to whip her. Frederick said, “He commences to lay on the heavy cow-skin and soon the warm, red blood (amid heartrending shrieks from her and the horrid oaths from him) came dripping down” p.4
As soon as Frederick had a different master, she tried teaching him how to read and write. Although other people were against her teaching him, he was smart enough to catch on and learned it very well!

This autobiography tells you about his life and how he tried to survive the experiences that he went through. This is a very interesting book. Frederick goes through a very hard time. This book makes me very sad and i honestly think he was very smart, because he learned how to read and write, when other slaves couldn't learn how to read or write. I am not saying the others were not smart. Douglass was very strong too, he made it through all of the bad, sad and odd things that happened to him. “The Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass” made me sad because i just think it is horrible of all of his family issues and him being treated so badly!
In this book, the “language” that he uses is very “harsh” like, this book is kind of hard to read because of the content of stuff that went on. You can only imagine how horrible it is. But, i hope this never happens to anyone else, ever again!
Whoever likes history, then they would enjoy this very much! I recommend showing this book to young adults so that they know what went on back then, so they can prevent it from happening again.

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