Olympos by Dan Simmons

October 1, 2009
By Anonymous

The world is in peril, and that isn’t even the half of it. On Earth deadly otherworldly creatures are systematically killing off the last surviving humans by the hundreds. There are two types of creatures:
The Voynix: with killing blades on their hands and amazing strength and speed these robot look-alikes kill off many humans with one throw of a rock.
The Calibani: Lizards that run on two feet with deadly piercing claws.

The Voynix and Calibani are warring with the survivors of Ardis Hall. The “Ardisians” are led by: Ada (the pregnant mistress of Ardis Hall), Harman (The wife of Ada and most knowledgeable Ardisian), Daeman (One of the first at Ardis Hall and very experienced in combat), Hannah (Ada’s best friend) and Noman/Odysseus (the combat expert)

When their combat expert Noman/Odysseus is injured in battle, he has to be taken to a healing pod by Hannah and Harman in the last existing flying machine called a Sonie. While there, a seemingly normal woman named Ariel meets them there and spirits Harman away, to learn things that can save, or doom them all.

Meanwhile on Mars, the Greek Gods have re-created the siege of Illium, the Great War between the Greeks and the Trojans. One man on the battlefield, Thomas Hockenberry Ph.D., was resurrected by the Gods to fight for the Greeks, but he changed the outcome of the war, transforming the siege of Illium into a siege against the Gods.

The Moravecs, technology based creatures, created and forgotten by the Gods are there to help the Greeks/Trojans against the Gods with highly advanced weapons and shields protecting Illium from its impending doom.

Also, on Mars, one God has a plan that will decide the outcome of the war, a plan that will change the course of history.

Olympos is a book that is many things; it is the sequel to the book Illium, it is a science/fiction book, and is possibly the most complex and interesting book I have ever read. This two book series is a must read for any science/fiction fan, or even a fan of fantasy adventure. The only way to describe this book is as an epic, a story without compare, a story that is well, epic. This book is a story that has made me laugh and cry, with everything in-between. If you want to challenge yourself then this is a book for you. It includes many gruesome features that overall wind into this amazing story, that when you pick up, you can’t put down.

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