Forged by Fire by Sharon M. Draper

September 30, 2009
By , Bamberg, SC
In the novel, Forged by Fire, written by Sharon M. Draper, when Gerald is three years old, his mother is heavily addicted to drugs. She leaves him home alone one time too often, and he accidentally sets the apartment on fire. While he is in the hospital, his mother is sent to prison for negligence. Social services threaten to take Gerald into foster care, but his great aunt “Aunt Queen” steps in to take care of him. Aunt Queen exercise considerable authority from her wheelchair, and gives him all the love his mother hasn’t. When he is 9, his mother returns with a little girl whom his mother says is his little sister and a man who claims to be the child’s farther. They want to take him home with them but Gerald wants to stay with Aunt Queen. The matter is settled unhappily when Aunt Queen dies of a heart attack. Gerald soon learns to despise his stepfather for his violence and, eventually, for the abuse of his half sister, which she hide out of fear until she’s driven to confess it to Gerald in hope of his protection.
Their mother remains in denial about that problem as well as her own and her husband’s addiction to alcohol and drugs. Caring for his sister, Angel keeps love in Gerald’s life. In defending her one last time, the apartment catches on fire. Once again Gerald is trapped along with his little sister and stepfather. Will they make it out or will they become victims of the fire?

I recommend this book to all teenagers. It talks about every day things that teenagers go through but are afraid to talk about. I loved every detail of the book, and I think that anyone else who reads it will too.

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