Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

September 30, 2009
By KellyGuz2010 BRONZE, Bamberg, South Carolina
KellyGuz2010 BRONZE, Bamberg, South Carolina
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Thirteen Reasons Why is a novel that makes you appreciate life and the people in it. Hannah Baker, a high school teenager, with a "thought to be normal life," until she kills herself. She leaves behind seven cassette tapes, in a box, with recordings she made herself. On these tapes are the reasons behind her suicide. Reasons being people, either with their behaviors or what they had done to Hannah. She leaves a note in the box saying the people that are on the tapes need to listen to them, and after they all hear them to dispose of the tapes. The main character in the story is Clay Jensen. At first, he has no idea why he has gotten the tapes. He doesn't want anything to do with the. He sees it as "Hannah is dead and her secrets should be buried with her." As he listens, he understands why he is a reason and finds out why other people are as well. He, along with the other people on the tapes, learn the truth about themselves, also truths they never wanted to face. The story reflects how little, tiny, petite things drive people to make insane choices. People make decisions took a toll on everyone, from her friends, teachers, parents, neighbors and the other members of the town. Thriteen Reasons Why is a great mystery book, and it keeps your mind thinking.

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