The Hollow People by Brian Keaney

September 28, 2009
By ???????? BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
???????? BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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Earlier this month I read the book "The Hollow People". It is the story of a boy named Dante, a kitchen boy who's the son of a deceased prisoner and a girl named Bea who questions everything.
These two live on the prison island of Tarnagar where people are seperated by their importance, kitchen workers being at the bottom. Together they defy the rules their futuristic society is built on, causing scandal and violence.
The story is full of scientific relevance. First off, the leader of the country where the prison island is a part of, Dr. Sigmundus, created a "medicine", known as Ichor, used to stop people from asking questions and from doing bad things.
Also, a scientist discovered how to use something called the Odylic force to "step out of this dimension." In other words, it lets you freeze time. Only the scientist and her friend could actually do it. But of course there's still hope.

At first this book had a slow start. But Brian Keaney made it more interesting when a new inmate, named Ezeckial, talks to Dante. It also gets better when Dante and/or Bea are abused, whether it's being struck or being yelled at. My favorite part is when a higher level person punishes Bea through Dante's pain.

"The Hollow Peolpe" is the first book in a series I just discovered. I hope to be able to find the second one soon. This was a very good book that got my school year started right.

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