The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Myer

September 25, 2009
By AlexAhn BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
AlexAhn BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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The Twilight Saga is so amazing. They are my favorite books to read. So far, I have read the whole entire series twice, but I'm guaranteed to read them more. Whenever I read them, I can't put the book down and I'm so involved in the story. Stephenie Myer is a very dedicated writer because of how detailed it is and she make the story so realistic (yes, vampires do exist.) I hope she adds more to the series like Midnight Sun, that would make my day! It would be so awesome uf sge just showed up at my parent's restaurant (they own a restaurant called Blowfish)and I got to meet her. And I believe Kiowa Gordon (the werewold in the New moon movie) visits my parent's restaurant also but I never met him.

What are the books about? Overall the books, it's about a girl named Bella and a vampire named Edward. People always wonder why the Cullen family acts so strange and look different from everyone. Soon, Bella finds out what Edward and his famil are because fate brings them together. Edward always looks out and protects Bella from any harm since she is always so clumsy. They are both madly in love with each othe which makes it so good. My favorite book out of all is Breaking Dawn because there is a lot of change and it is intense.

The author's comments:
I just hope like Stephenie or some other person from Twilight just shows up to the restaurant to meet me or something. I just decided to write about this topic because I am a big fan of Twilight.

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