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By Nash R., Ashland, WI

     A Brief History of Time is worth reading, especially for those who love science, space, physics, and the universe. After reading it, you will know a great deal about the universe and our place in it.

About half of Hawking’s text is clearly expository and rather hard to digest, which must be why he added pictures to newer editions - there’s at least one illustration on almost every page. Some of the more “abstract” things (quarks, for instance, which are the tiny building blocks of protons and neutrons) are hard to imagine, so the pictures help you understand, which is great for visual learners. Also, whenever discussing a complex process such as the death of a star (supernova, black-hole forming, or otherwise) the pictures show step-by-step how it happens. Many of these pictures are from the Hubble space telescope and are simply beautiful!

One turn off (for most) is that this book is based on theoretical physics. Most read the back jacket and think that it will be way over their heads, but it’s not, I assure you. First of all, there are two ways to read it. You can read the chapter overviews, which are basic and you’ll still learn a lot, but it won’t be too difficult. Or, you can read the details in each chapter, which is how you’ll learn the most, but if it’s too confusing you can just look at the pictures.

This book constantly makes connections to other physicists, history, and current social and economic issues, and explains how each of us is involved in the universe. Dr. Hawking also openly says “I think” about things. He gives his view on matters, shows the facts, presents the most accepted theory, and poses questions to help you see what you think the answer is, so it feels like he’s talking directly to you.

The reason I love this book more than any other physics “text” is because Dr. Hawking wrote it like a novel. He’s telling a story, the story of the universe, and it’s just plain fun to read!

Instead of making the vastness of space scary, Hawking makes it fascinating. He talks about things with a passion and he’ll make you love it, too.

I always want to know how and why something is, and in this book Dr. Hawking always answers this question as best he can. If he can’t give you a definite answer, he’ll tell you what he thinks and help you develop your own opinion. I truly hope that I’ve convinced you to read this remarkable book.

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